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Shop Capabilities

Shop Capabilities

Three Star welding Ltd is well-equipped facility that can handle various tasks efficiently.

Here is a summary of the equipment we have In our shop

Vertical Saws

Having two vertical saws allows for efficient cutting of materials to the required sizes, increasing productivity.

Iron Workers

The presence of two iron workers enables shaping, shearing, and punching operations, providing versatility and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Plate Roller

The plate roller's capability to handle up to a quarter-inch thick sheets allows for efficient rolling, producing quality cones while maintaining structural integrity.

Press Breaks

With two press breaks capable of up to 330 tons pressing capacity, our shop can handle bending and forming operations for various sheet metal components quickly and accurately.

Lathe and Milling Machine:

Three Stars lathe and milling machine are crucial for precision machining operations. With these machines, we can create custom parts and components needed for your projects.

With this range of equipment, Three Star welding Ltd s shop is well-prepared to handle the fabrication and manufacturing requirements for building four 24′ cones every day. Up to 800 cones yearly.

If you have any specific requirements, customizations, or if there are other capabilities you would like to discuss further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We will be glad to assist you.

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